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Through retrospective data analysis of Hair Metals Test Analyses, and Organic Acid Tests, combined with serum data, we have been able to define more clearly some of the metabolic issues of many conditions, and have dedicated specific pages to summarizing these findings. We would like to thank profusely all of these individuals who have provided such data, and assure them that the data is thoroughly decoded before analysis. This data has also lead to the development of the RnB protocol that is currently being used by many in their treatment of conditions such as CFS, ASD, EDS, MCAS and hypothyroid induced functional B12 deficiency.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

A description of deficiencies, and their effect can be found at the following links

Iron deficiency

Vitamin B2 deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency

Sleep disorders

Myths about treatment for CFS/ASD

We have started to compare metabolic profiles from children with autism in various countries, including Bulgaria, USA , Australia and others

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Paradoxical B12 deficiency





OAT interpretation





Dopamine Paradox


We have endeavored to publish our findings on various conditions, as soon as we have sufficient data to do so. These articles have been published in "Free to Access" journals, that have rapid turn around times. Many or the findings are completely novel. We trust that these publications will help customers to understand the factors involved in a diverse range of condition.

As they are approved, links will be included to PDF copies.

B12 deficiency in Autism

B2 deficiency in Autism

Paradoxical B12 deficiency

B12 Deficiency and Depression

Vitamin B12 deficiency in CFS

Vitamin B12 deficiency and sleep disorders

Altered Neurotransmitter Metabolites in vitamin B12 deficiency

Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome Post COVID vaccination PDF

Activation of Vitamin D Nexus Theory

Complex Interaction between iron, B2, B12 and vitamin D Gregory John Russell-Jones. Complex Interaction between Iron, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D During the Activation of Vitamin D. J Med - Clin Res & Rev. 2024; 8(6): 1-5

Much of the information on the metabolic issues in ASD can also be applied to Dementia and CFS/FM/ME

Manuscripts in Preparation

Altered Glucose metabolism in Autism

Metabolism and Autism

More information on vitamin B12

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Russell-Jones, G. Paradoxical Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Normal to Elevated Serum B12, With Metabolic Vitamin B12 Deficiency. J Biol Today's World, 2022, 11(3), 001-004


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