How should B12 Oils be stored?

The storage of B12 Oils should be at room temperature (around 20-30C, 65-80F). Refrigeration is generally not required, and freezing has been shown not to disrupt the formulation or stop it working. Very high temperatures may result in degradation of the product.

Should I shake B12 Oils before use?

No. Shaking of the B12 Oils will introduce air into the oils and this may result in "splattering" upon activation of the pump.

Are B12 Oils suitable for vegans/vegetarians?

Yes. The B12 Oils do NOT contain any animal products.

What are the natural forms of vitamin B12?

The two active forms of vitamin B12 are methyl B12 (methylcobalamin) and adenosyl B12 (adenosylcobalamin). Hydoxy B12 is a pro-vitamin form of the vitamin. It is inactive and has to be converted to either methyl or adenosyl B12 in the body. The enzyme that does this relies upon the two active forms of vitamin B2, namely FMN and FAD. Persons who are deficient in vitamin B2 cannot convert hydroxy B12 to the two active forms of B12.Similarly persons who are deficient in Iodine, Selenium and/or Molybdenum cannot convert dietary or supplement vitamin B2 (riboflavin) into FMN and FAD. Deficiencies in any of B2/I/Se/Mo are common in persons who are B12 deficient.

Why are the B12 Oils Red?

Vitamin B12 is one of natures amazing vitamins and has an intense red colour. Solutions of vitamin B12 are thus intensely red in colour, similar to that of Post-Box red. Each of adenosyl B12, hydroxy B12 and methyl B12 have a very slightly different shade of red.

Are B12 Oils suitable for people with sensitive skin or multiple chemical sensitivities?

Yes. The B12 Oils have been trialed by over 2000 people of different sensitivities. They are extremely well tolerated and to our knowledge NO adverse reactions to the oils have been experienced.

The B12 oils have been specifically designed so that they contain:.

Is there anyway that I can tell if I may benefit from B12?

We have put together a "symptom" form to help people determine if they are likely to be B12 deficient. The form has been designed for you to follow your progress. Contact us and we will send you the link to the form.

Is there a relationship between vitamin B2 and vitamin B12?

Yes there is. There are two enzymes involved in vitamin B12 processing that rely on one of the two active forms of vitamin B2 (FAD) for function. Lack of dietary vitamin B2, or low conversion of vitamin B2 to FAD (due to low intake of iodine, selenium or molybdenum) greatly increases the consumption of vitamin B12. In addition, in conditions such as Hypothyroidism, in which less FAD is made, vitamin B12 deficiency is common. Similarly dietary lack of iodine, selenium or molybdenum can also lead to lack of functional vitamin B2 (as FAD). Deficiency of functional B2 (as FAD) can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency. Furthermore, treatment with vitamin B12 (of any form) is less than optimal in functional B2 deficiency.

Are B12 Oils only available on-line?

Yes. At present the B12 Oils are only available on-line.

What is the shipping policy for B12 Oils?

We aim to ship the product within 2-5 days of receipt of payment. We have no control over the speed of delivery once it has left the site. Once the material has been shipped we will send you shipping details. Please make sure that you have a suitable post box to receive the oils, such that the oils are secure once delivered.








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